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“I.R.S Continues to Stonewall Tax Whistle-Blowers — More”

CEO Note:  The normally sleep inducing, less than sexy, tax fraud world got smokin’ hot this past week.  Maybe it was that little ole health care law that no one wants to call a t-a-x except the Chief Justice.  Or maybe it was our publication; I.R.S Continues to Stonewall Tax Whistleblowers-Fraud by Corporations Harms the […]

Failure of ERISA to Protect Whistleblowers Who Are Legally Required to Report Violations

By Joe Vincoli It sounds like a bad joke.  Did you hear the one about the woman who did her job so well, she got fired?  Not funny because it’s a true story.  It happens to ethical employees aka whistleblowers constantly.  Here’s how it could happen to you, if the federal Employee Retirement Income […]

I.R.S Continues to Stonewall Tax Whistleblowers-Fraud by Corporations Harms the Public

By Patrick Carmody, Esq. 7ws3mld Serious concerns have been raised about I.R.S. internal regulations that seem to disincentivize whistleblowers from coming forward, the effect of which is to make rewards discretionary rather than mandatory as the statute requires. At a time of seriously escalating federal deficits, and what seems to be wide-scale tax fraud by […]

Supreme Court Rules Health Care Law Constitutional

The Supreme Court ruled to uphold the President’s Health Care law, including the individual health-insurance mandate, as permissible under Article I, Sec. 8, Clause 1, of the U.S. Constitution, better known as the Taxing and Spending & Commerce Clause.  Slip opinion found here; 11-393c3a2.pdf   The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, may be found here;.  […]

Supreme Court Rules Against Montanta Corrupt Practices Act of 1912

The Supreme Court today, in a 5-4 decision, granted petition for certiorari in the Supreme Court of Montana’s well-reasoned decision opposing Citizens United.  The Court struck down Montana’s Corrupt Practices Act, which forbid corporations from making expenditures in connection with a candidate or a political party that supports or opposes a candidate or a political […]

FDA Whistleblowers’ Complaint Sparks OSC Guidance Memo on Electronic Surveillance

Congratulations to the National Whistleblowers Center (NWC)!  Thanks to Carolyn Lerner and the OSC staff! Reprint from NWC website below. Washington, D.C. June 20, 2012. Today, U.S. Special Counsel Carolyn N. Lerner issued a formal memorandum that the Office of Management & Budget (OMB) sent to the Chief Information Officers and General Counsels of all […]

Protect Public Health Service Workers-Stop Dept. of Health and Human Services Harm to Whistleblowers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 18, 2012 Joins Effort of National Whistleblowers Center (NWC) to Stop Department of Health and Human Services Harm to Whistleblowers. * * * House and Senate leaders are in “conference” RIGHT NOW debating whether or not employees in the Public Health Service (PHS) will obtain whistleblower protections.   At stake […]

OSC Powerpoint Document Raises Questions About Whistleblower Disclosure Process

A powerpoint presentation that seems to originate from Office of Special Counsel surfaced online recently, containing information that raises questions about the way OSC processes whistleblower disclosures. The document, titled “Whistleblower Disclosures: Reporting Allegations of Agency Wrongdoing to the Office of Special Counsel,” bears the names of Catherine McMullen and Karen Gorman, the Chief and Deputy […]

New FOIA Request to Shine Light on MSPB Judges

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 15, 2012 – MSPB Watch and filed a Freedom of Information Act request June 14 with the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board, seeking information that would show whether MSPB judges are held accountable for deficiencies in carrying out their duties. The MSPB adjudicates whistleblower and other civil service cases. Its […]

When Confidentiality Agreements and Public Policy Collide-Joe Vincoli Changes State Law to Protect Whistleblowers

By Joe Vincoli I had never been sued before and I didn’t expect to be sued this time.  But there I was, sitting in my car talking to my wife (who works from a home office).  She’s telling me that a certified letter came and that it’s from a local law firm.  She recognizes the […]